New Discount Policy

Dear beloved parents, we do hope you are enjoying the holiday. While the merriment is going on, please, we will like to intimate you with some of our new policies concerning school fees payment & discounts. As the discount has taken a new face.

N.B- Kindly note that all discount are not to be deducted from the source (before paying the school fees). Discounts will be paid into parents’ personal accounts after two weeks of resumption.

A. PARADISE FAMILY DISCOUNT: This discount policy is only for applicable to students who are from the same parents. Details of the discount is explained below;

Package Number of Children Discount
Double Blessing 2 Children 10% discount for the last child excluding lesson fee
Triple Blessing 3 Children 20% discount for the last child excluding lesson fee
Multiple Blessing 4 or More Children 50% discount for the last child excluding lesson fee

B. Vacation-Pay Discount: This discount policy allows discount on payment made during the holiday and at a given time as detailed below; .

Package Payment Discount
Vac-Pay Gold 100% payment for the whole session 20% on total bill
Vac-Pay Silver 100% payment for just one term 10% on total bill
Vac-Pay Bronze 75% payment before resumption & 25% by mid-term 5% on total bill

Discount policy: Due to the fact that this information came late, the Vac-Pay discount for next term – 2nd term 2018/2019 academic session will take effect from this holiday till the end of first week of resumption i.e. Mon 7 – Fri 11 January, 2019..

Terms and Condition.

1. Benefiting from the discount offer is mutually exclusive. This means that if you enjoy Family discount, you are not eligible for other discount package.
2. Parent who intends to use a different payment structure are advised to visit the school for discussion.
3. Outstanding fee are to be paid before resumption as defaulters will not be tolerated at resumption.
4. Posted Cheques are not allowed.